Benchmarks Project

Have you ever sat on a bench in a public place and wondered how it got there? Our Benchmarks project, funded by West Wight Landscape Partnership, involved us in finding, researching and writing about the commemorative benches of West Wight.

Benchmarks, published in 2011, is an anthology of poems and photographs.

Our Poetry Bench is a beautiful solid oak bench made on the island. It is sited near the Needles Old Battery, looking out over Alum Bay.

Two verses of WH Auden's poem remind people that it's no ordinary bench - it's a poetry bench!

Our Yarmouth Sit-Down Walks in 2011 and 2012 were part of the very popular Isle of Wight Walking Festival.

In collaboration with David Howarth from the Isle of Wight Ramblers, we took a group of willing walkers around the best benches in Yarmouth, telling stories and reading poems as we went. 

Here we are on the Gribble Bench at Yarmouth harbour.

The church, the harbour, the Mill pond, Yarmouth Common - we covered them all.

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