A Bench For All Reasons

'Sitting on History', Bill Woodrow, Cass Sculpture Park

A bench for the boatyard, the churchyard, the street
a bench on the cliff path to rest weary feet

A bench on the common, the crossroads, the green
for the Brownies, the convent, the village, the Queen

A bench for the efforts of people who serve
for the family wiped out by the road’s evil curve

for the dog walkers, fishmongers, vicars and wives
for the dearly missed loved ones who took their own lives

for the holiday-homers, and marriages long
for lonely outsiders and those who belong

for days on the island, for weeks on the sea
for watching red sunsets from downs, deck and quay

Then, a bench not committed, at peace by the wall
a bench for no reason
no reason at all

Shelley McAlister

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