Baby blues

Now, little baby, why are you curled up there?
Baby, why aren’t you gurgling, with your curled fists there?
You did not call out for me in the cool morning air.

Little baby, you laughed so loud at the flowers,
Laughed at the puppy in the park by the flowers.
Now, baby, no laughing matter, my mouth is dry and sour.

No, little baby, this does not happen to you and me,
Maybe to other people, but not to you and me.
We have rich red blood and a strong family tree.

So smile, little baby, open your heavy eyes,
It’s all a bad dream, baby, open your dark brown eyes.
For you I’ll dam the ocean, cut the moon out of the skies.

Hang on in there, baby, the doctor’s on his way,
Believe me, baby, the doctor always knows the way.
Tonight I’ll tuck you safely, your daddy’s sure to stay.

Baby, listen to me , there’s the ghostly sirens wailing,
Coming closer, baby, such a weeping, wailing.
Baby, baby, there’s no shore to hear me hailing.

The moon has gone black, the sea waves grow tall,
There is no moon, no sun, just sea waves growing tall.
Baby, can you see me? I can’t see you at all.

Camilla Lambert

Published in South, April 2010

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