Bench Site

A choice, but where?

Looking out to Needle points,
or the bright thread of Alum tapestry?

Yarmouth! A castle view,
Henry's round towers, a pier.

In Newtown,
along the salt marshes,
by once ripe oyster beds?

Or high on High Down?

That's been done before
for the poet, the man, for Tennyson.

In Brighstone then? Or Mottistone?

Or going right back to Saxon -
by the Long Stone?

Any could face the rural heart,
offer a seat to watch the light.

And the wind in the wheat.

But wind bullies the heather
and bends the trees,
towards the western end of Wight.

So will you sit where we walked
and talked of bench marks?
What will you choose?
Inland? People remembered?
Or outward views, and seagull cries?

Felicity Fair Thompson

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