Memories of a Sweet-Toothed Friend

Alum Bay photo by Simon McAlister
We imagined a bench made of chocolate
overlooking tilted butterscotch cliffs
slabs that snap and slide, fall

as toffee monoliths, barley-sugar,
bulls-eyes, chunks of blue-clay fudge
on pink and violet sherbet sand.

We saw wine-gum seaweed wrap sticky
fingers round pear-drop pebbles
liquorice strips on honeycombed stones.

Now, sea-thrift on crumbling ledges
clings like candy floss or the last
icing on the crazy birthday cake

you didn’t manage to eat. No,
this seat is solid, cemented
well away from the dizzy edge.

But sitting here
I have such dreams of you,
my sweet.

Pat Murgatroyd

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