Rosetta Cottage - our island home

Where Jennie met Randolph . . . every year we have a winter week-end away where we enjoy a busy week-end of writing, reading and sharing ideas. Since 2008 we have made ourselves a home at  Rosetta Cottage in Cowes. Rosetta is a delightful National Trust property, where Winston Churchill's parents met and got engaged. It has glorious views of the sea and plenty of rooms for guests.

In 2011 we invited writers Marilyn Long and Jackie Litherland down from The North. We have a long association with the Vane Women in Darlington and were lucky enough to visit them in 2002. We rewrote the North/South map when we produced a book together.

Our Rosetta guest in 2012 was Mimi Khalvati, founder of the Poetry School in London and a long-time friend of Shore Women. In 2013 we invited John Goodwin, who gave us a break from poetry as we worked on dialogue and radio plays. And in 2014 our guest is music teacher Monica Maloney, who is helping us find our (singing) voices.

Rosetta isn't just hard work though. Eating, drinking, and walking along the beach always come into it as well. We have themes, like a Shoe Exhibition in the library. And in 2013 there was a murder mystery, starting with a very unfortunate man upside down on the stairs.