Voices Down

Time thickens.  Rain.
Layers spread.
I am the shadow underneath.
Land tilled, cock crows, larks rise.
Brading cows
hoof home and home again,
their milky breath rising over fields
their dung flopping
on centuries of worked earth.

Time spreads.  Rain.
Layers thicken.
New generations climb
the Down, blackberrying late.
love juice on lips.  Braided hair.
Bridge back two thousand summers.
My eye gathered purple grapes from vine,
trailed silver Yar, followed tidal beach,
saw Venus hurl her morning star.

Time thickens.  Rain.
Layers spread.
Dust settles.
Deep as ocean whale, my siren song,
echoes in another sphere,
mirrors memories in future genes.
The foundations of Rome
leak up in coins, small cracks of cups,
a legion rise of grails. New finds pull you down.

I can hear you digging.

Felicity Fair Thompson

Winner Roman Voices competition 2009

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