The Wreck of the Irex - 2

Bombadier Reeves keeps watch from The Battery Fort:

As the skies clear we can see her
a fine ship she was too.
The poor devils of sailors
trapped in the rigging
like flies in a web

Apprentice Jones, age 14, spent a night alone, tied to the mast of the Irex:

I was just a child, scared to death, wrapped in a rug, lashed to the mast, left. I thought they said we'll be back, but no, they didn't, so I knew this was the end for the boy who would never reach Rio.

News of the wreck reached the ladies in The Knitting Room

Poor Mrs. Ogilvie.
Her boy William, telegram
disaster, drowned last week.
Poor lad, same age as my Jack

Mrs. Trevanion of Freshwater brought bedding for the men rescued from the Irex:

Here's my pillows, soft as ducks.
Anchor your heads here, boys
Dream of glassy seas
and ships in full sail, smooth as sheets

During the rescue Queen Victoria sent Princess Beatrice to comfort survivors in the fort. Afterwards, survivors like Apprentice Jones and all those involved in the rescue were invited to Osborne. But local ladies had to have a good bonnet . . .

Tea with the Queen!  
Fancy. . .

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