The Wreck of the Irex - 3

Survivors in the pub talk about the wreck:

"I'll be right glad to leave this island behind
This dreadful place that is seared on my mind.
Memories of Irex; mates dead in the sea
Forever their voices will come to haunt me."

Was Coxswain Stone right to turn the lifeboat back?

In the pub, everyone has a view:

"There's always some
Never find them on a rescue boat,
propping up the bar more likely
Always there to spin their yarn
Any rubbish if it buys a pint"

Mrs. Stone, the Coxswain's wife, bears
the brunt of her husband's decision not
to go on with the rescue:

"Everywhere there's knots
of neighbours talking
Hush their voices when they see me near
but no mistaking what the subject is"

After conflicting evidence, The Voice of Reason. Mr. Reason, Foreman of the Jury has some questions:

"Why wouldn't the captain turn back in bad weather?
Why did he try to abandon ship?
What happened to the ship's log?
And who tampered with the lifeboat?"

The Coroner sums up:

"The wreck of the Irex was an accident. No one could prevent it and no blame can be attached to anyone."

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