The Wreck of the Irex - 4

Major Playfair 
After the dramatic rescue of Apprentice Jones, Major Playfair leads the cast down to a shipwreck supper in Dimbola's cafe.

Major Playfair and two Irex sailors
enjoy the shipwreck supper

"Born in a house with a view of the Clyde
Played on her banks, worked on her side
It's a long way from Glasgow to Scratchell's Bay
A long way from the Clyde to the Solent"

Poetry Sails and a wooden ship sculpture made by prison writers and artists at HMP Albany. Prison writers' poems are from the publication Fleet, produced by Albany writer-in-residence Lydia Fulleylove.

Young writers from Somerton Middle School read their own shipwreck poem at the Quay Arts Open Mic, February 2007

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