Shore Women, both together and individually, work with a variety of other local and community groups such as The Poetry Society, West Wight Landscape Partnership, The Ramblers, Freshwater Circle Dance group and Ryde Social Heritage Group. Some Shore Women are members of the Island's Poetry Stanza. Joan Waddleton also belongs to the island's High Tide Poets group in Newport. We have also worked with many of the Island's Women's Institute groups, plus libraries, museums, and other social groups.

In the Poetry Society's centenary year we hosted a poetry picnic at Newtown and Felicity Fair Thompson worked alongside Andrew Motion at Tennyson's home in Freshwater during celebrations to commemorate the poet.

My nose wet
your fur soft
claws grip tight
so we waltz

Kate MacDonell's poem Polar Bears Dancing is from one of our workshops with the Freshwater Circle Dance group.

In 2005 we collaborated with Carisbrooke Castle on a project about shoes. Their generous loan of historic shoes was an inspiration over a week-end of writing at Rosetta Cottage. Later, we worked with them again on The Wreck of the Irex, an intriguing story of an island shipwreck. They loaned us photos and artifacts, we shared our research. However, on our visit to the castle one day, it looks like we still had shoes in mind . . .

In 2001 we were fortunate enough to meet The Vane Women from Darlington and thus began a collaboration between our two groups. With a theme of North/South, they visited us, and then we visited them. The result of our writing is an unusual collection of poems from the Isle of Wight and County Durham. Island bluebells over the Tees High Force? Someone has rewritten the map!

With Focus Ryde Imaging group we produced joint exhibitions of photographs and poetry, shown at the Full Circle Gallery, St. Mary's Hospital and at the Apollo Theatre, Newport. The poems and photographs have also been shown around the Island at other venues where Shore Women perform.

More on Collaboration with Ryde Focus Group...

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